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Accepted Papers

Yoshiki Higo, Shinsuke Matsumoto, Shinji Kusumoto, Takashi Fujinami and Takashi Hoshino. Correlation Analysis between Code Clone Metrics and Project Data on the Same Specification Projects
Ryo Tajima, Masataka Nagura and Shingo Takada. Detecting functionally similar code within the same project
Kento Shimonaka, Yoshiki Higo, Junnosuke Matsumoto, Keigo Naitou and Shinji Kusumoto. Towards Automated Generation of Java Methods -- A Way of Automated Reuse-based Programming --
Md Rakibul Islam and Minhaz Zibran. On the Characteristics of Buggy Code Clones: A Code Quality Perspective
Chaiyong Ragkhitwetsagul, Jens Krinke and Bruno Marnette. A picture is worth a thousand words: code clone detection based on image similarity
Rainer Koschke and Moritz Weinig. Generated Code in Studies on Clone Rates
Verena Käfer, Stefan Wagner and Rainer Koschke. Are There Functionally Similar Code Clones in Practice?
Jaweria Kanwal, Hamid Abdul Basit and Onaiza Maqbool. Structural Clones: An Evolution Perspective
Toshihiro Kamiya. Code Difference Visualization by a Call Tree
Hakam Alomari, Matthew Stephan. Towards Slice-Based Semantic Clone Detection